"Hemodiaz Family"

Hemodiaz begins its journey with successful forays in the field of In Vitro Diagnostics, Patient Care and Home Health Segments. The inception of Hemodiaz is the brainchild of professionals with more than 25 years of experience in the concerned segments. Professional experience is backed by a group with proven track-record and having diversified interests in Pharmaceuticals and Petrochemical business segments. The financial strength of the group is backed by a presence of more than three decades of sustained growth in the concerned business segments.

'Dr Diaz' a well trusted partner with Fortis Healthcare in Home Health Care Products. Our products has world class quality which is being certified by various central governments departments.

Hemodiaz in the In Vitro Diagnostic Segment has a comprehensive range of Rapid Tests in the Non Critical and Critical segments, Biochemistry Analyzers , Cell Counters , Electrolyte Analyzers , Elisa Washers , Elisa Readers with different Specifications and catering to diverse segments of the IVD industry. A range of products in the Serology segment also caters to the manual and automated requirement of the customer.

Patient Care segment has a vast range of products ranging from basic to Dr Diaz Modular Multi Para Monitors, Dr Diaz ECG machines and various models with automated Clinical Interpretation. Dr Diaz Pulse Oxymeters and Dr Diaz Fetal Doppler’s also have models with varied specifications. Dr Diaz Portable Ultrasound units cater to a growing segment of Sonologists. Dr Diaz Oxygen-Concentrators and Dr Diaz CPAP-BIPAP units are meeting the challenges being faced by patients with adverse respiratory conditions. Dr Diaz Infusion Pumps and Dr Diaz Syringe Pumps are critical components of this range.

Home-Health segment is addressing the needs and aspirations of a large captive audience. World Class products ranging from Dr Diaz Thermometers, Dr Diaz BP Apparatus, Dr Diaz Glucometers, Dr Diaz Nebulizers, Dr Diaz Weighing scales, Dr Diaz Adult Diapers, Dr Diaz Air-beds have different models with varied specifications.

New wound care surgical solutions range with Hemolon Chlorhexidine + Cetrimide Antiseptic liqued and Hemodine Povidone-iodine Cleansing solution range of products add to the existing range of products.





The entire range of products is certified by relevant agencies like CE, US FDA and necessary approvals by DCGI, NIB and BIS.