DVT Pump in Bihar

DVT Pump in Bihar

We are the leading DVT Pump Manufacturers in Bihar. For DVT pumps, Hemodiaz Life Sciences follow international standard criteria. By using an efficient combination of graduated sequential compression and rapid impulse inflation, the DVT Pump (deep vein thrombosis) serves as a prophylaxis for deep vein thrombosis.

Advanced Features:

Being the prominent DVT Compression Pump Suppliers & Exporters in Bihar, we offer affordable best DVT Price in Bihar.

  • Low profile, Lightweight
  • Alarm visual and audible.
  • A single-leg operation is selected with one click of a button
  • Automatic cuff detection.
  • Breathable and comfortable cuff.
  • One pump for the cuff, foot cuff provides for ease of use and minimizes inventory.
  • Systems identify and adjust pressure based on cuffs attached.
  • Application: Hospital, Home, Clinic, etc

Help in blood clots related problems

Deep Vein Thrombosis Pumps helps to activate the venous system and to resolve the factors related to the development of clots. Next, compression therapy aims to maximize the intensity and speed of flow into the deep veins from the superficial veins. This helps to decrease venous stasis, pooling of blood and venous congestion.

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